WePowerAmerica.org - Privacy Statement


WePowerAmerica.org includes a secure application process that enables applicants to apply to become a member of one of IBEW’s Locals.


The information provided by the applicant is reformatted by WePowerAmerica.org’s server and forwarded as an email to the participating local or llocals chosen by the applicant. A copy is sent for backup to the owner-operator of WePowerAmerica.org. These emails are not encrypted.


The information provided by web visitors is controlled solely by the participating IBEW locals and not by WePowerAmerica.org, The International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, the owner-operator of the website or by the website’s web services firm, InfoHarvest.ca.


The owner-operator of the website and InfoHarvest.ca will not make use of the information provided in any way, other than to assist IBEW locals in sorting database information to find interested applicants who fit certain qualifications for potential employment. The owner-operator and InfoHarvest.ca store information provided by applicants on password-protected computers in secure premises.


Locals to which the applicant’s personal career and contact information is provided make use of the information to allow them to solicit the services of qualified tradespeople, or potential trades people, on behalf of employers. To our knowledge, the only use of the information provided is to connect the applicant with a potential employer when the local can no longer fulfill their employer demand from within its existing membership.


Contemporary IBEW locals are highly aware of privacy issues. They operate under all applicable privacy laws and regulations.

WePowerAmerica.org, IBEW, the site's owner-operator and web services firm InfoHarvest.ca assume no responsibility for the improper use of provided personal information. We fully expect this to never occur.


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