We need resumes from people of all electrical construction classifications.


There is plenty of ongoing retail, commercial and industrial work in Utah. Our members are working on a large Facebook data center project south of Salt Lake City which will require around 300 to 400 electricians. There are several high-profile projects such as the Salt Lake International Airport. In Salt Lake City, we have three data center projects that each need 50 to 100 workers, as well as a brand-new hospital in Utah County.


Some of our smaller contractors need residential electricians and apprentices.


Our Salt Lake City line local covers Utah, large parts of Idaho, and Wyoming. Their workload includes replacements and repairs on substations, many miles of lines, and poles. Rocky Mountain Power will continue with their gateway projects in 2019 and will be needing 300-500 workers on this line project. The Transwest Express project is also in our future and will be needing many workers.


Journeyman electrician wage and benefit package rates range from $43+ to the low $60s/hour.


Our employers provide a good healthcare and retirement plan.


Apply Today!



Utah Residential/Commercial/Industrial AND Line Local:


Salt Lake City


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