Dallas-Fort Worth continues to be one of the hottest electrical construction markets in the country. We are busy on a data center, automotive factory build-outs, a large baseball facility, high rises, and many types of mixed-use commercial projects.


In Northern Texas, our locals are busy with projects like large wind farms and electrical infrastructure projects, as well as museums, paper mills and larger industrial projects.


Southern Texas is also enjoying a boom!


Throughout the state, there are school, hospital, mixed use condos, high-rise and other projects happening.


In Houston, Austin, and San Antonio, we’re seeing a wave of growth in the technology sector, with new and expansion projects. On the Gulf Coast, we’re working on various oil refinery projects.


Our El Paso local is also working on a variety of refinery, heavy commercial, public building, and infrastructure projects. Our members are busy with expansion and construction projects at the federal White Sands weapons development and testing facility.


Line construction workers are in demand state-wide in virtually all classifications.


Total journeyman electrician wage and benefit packages range from the high $20s to the mid-$40s/hour depending upon location. Line workers earn a few dollars more per hour.


Our members are their families enjoy the protection of employer-paid healthcare and retirement plans.


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Texas Residential/Commercial/Industrial Locals:


Dallas-Fort Worth

San Antonio








Texas Combined Residential/Commercial/Industrial AND Line Locals:




Witchita Falls

Corpus Christi

El Paso


Texas Line/Utility Locals:







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