While Pennsylvania isn’t experiencing a statewide boom, growth in several areas of the state is keeping skilled electrical workers busy. This is projected to continue for at least the next few years.


Local union hiring halls across the state are interested in your applications.


In western PA, the multi-billion-dollar Shell cracker plant is underway. During the next few years, it will employ approximately 1,000 electricians. And that’s just the beginning – the byproducts of the ‘cracker’ process will be used in local manufacturing facilities that are currently in the planning stages.


Southwestern PA will also be quite busy with several powerplants, healthcare facilities and educational projects looking to ramp up.


In the northeast, the Wilkes-Barre Area School District is consolidating three high schools into one much larger facility; ground breaking has already begun. Also, in Bradford county, an $800 million LNG liquefaction plant is about to start that will allow natural gas from the Marcellus shale region to be transported by rail all across the US.


In eastern PA, in the Lehigh Valley, there has been growth across many markets including residential, commercial, healthcare and sports complex projects. The growth is partially driven by an influx of new residents.


The southeast and southcentral areas are busy as well. Work in Philadelphia continues growing. One key project is the US military facility under Raven Rock mountain. It is being updated and upgraded.


Many PA locals are aiming to move more assertively into residential electrical work. They’re interested in receiving applications from experienced workers as well as apprentices.


Construction linemen and tree trimmers are in demand. Utility and grid upgrade plans are being approved in just about every county across the state.


Journeyman pay packages in the state range from $50 to the mid-$80s/hour.


Members have the protection of employer-paid healthcare plans. Commercial workers and their families have the security of three pension plans, while line workers and their families have the security of a defined contribution pension plan.


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