Portland Metro Area

The work area stretches as far north as Castle Rock, Washington and as far South to Woodburn, Oregon; it also stretches as far West to the Oregon coast and as far East to Boardman, Oregon.

Current work opportunities:

Heavy industrial shut downs, base builds and sustaining work, school work, soccer stadium, new construction high rises, BIM Modeler / Auto Cad, industrial & commercial service van opportunities, mixed-use residential construction, residential service work, new stick frame residential work paid at $50hr., a large data center project that is expected to last a few years; additional zone pay. Service truck opportunities, new hospital, school work, & tenant improvement projects.

If you are an electrician and DO NOT have a State of Oregon electrical license and would like more information on how to acquire one, Please contact BOLI (Bureau of Labor & Industries) at http://www.oregon.gov/BOLI/pages/index.aspx or call 503-373-1268.


There are not enough electricians in Oregon and there are so many incredible projects happening everywhere in the state. Please see the below areas for some specific opportunities but almost every part of the state has electrical work in commercial/industrial, residential, and especially low voltage. Now is your time to be hired by a great employer and work on rewarding projects.

Greater Salem Area – There are a lot of school projects throughout the area, mostly lasting 15 months. The Salem hospital is building a huge new tower.  There is plenty of residential, low voltage, and service work.

Greater Eugene Area – The University of Oregon has large and long-lasting projects, including a large renovation to the historic Hayward Field, the new Knight Accelerated Science Campus (10 year, $1 Billion Project), mixed-use student housing and more. Also, large multi-story buildings are starting downtown, apartment complexes, and lots of service work.

Central Oregon – There are large data center projects lasting years. There are also school, jail, residential projects, and service work. This area is in desperate need of more low voltage electricians everywhere.

Oregon has strict licensing laws that keeps electrician wages high. If you have an Oregon Electrical License and are not making at least prevailing wage all the time, now is your time to better your life.

If you are an electrician and DO NOT have a state of Oregon electrical license and would like more information on how to acquire one; Please contact BOLI (Bureau of Labor & Industries) http://www.oregon.gov/BOLI/pages/index.aspx or 503-373-1268.

If you don’t have experience yet and want to start a rewarding electrical career, now is the perfect time to start an electrical apprenticeship.

Our Oregon Residential/Commercial/Industrial/Low Voltage Locals:



Salem/Eugene/Central Oregon

Coos Bay

Our Oregon Line Locals:



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