Union electrical contractors in Maine continue to be busy. Most are interested in recruiting new employees to handle ongoing levels of primarily commercial construction and maintenance work.


Employers also have a need for qualified people in a growing solar industry. In the northern part of the state, there are several ongoing solar projects and potential future projects. These projects vary from 0.5 MW smaller installations to sizeable 20 MW projects. There’s also a large project coming that will require about 150 people for at least a year to build a 200 MW solar installation.


Line contractors are also busy and they’re interested in new applications.


Journeyman Electrician wage and benefit packages are valued at just under $50/hour.


Members have the protection of employer-paid healthcare plans. Commercial workers and their families have the security of three pension plans, while line workers and their families have the security of a defined contribution pension plan.


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Maine Residential/Commercial/Industrial Locals:





Maine Line Local:


Boston, MA




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