There is plenty of employer demand for our skills in Indiana. More than half of our locals are working at 100% employment and are interested in looking for experienced applications.

In the south, there are large projects including a shutdown for a large Toyota plant in the Evansville area, a 12-month project at Sabic in Mt Vernon (including overtime work), an 18 month SCR 2 project at AEP Rockport, and a 50 megawatt Solar Farm for Vectren in Spencer County.

In Indianapolis, up to 200 members will work on a UPS facility expansion. Other major projects in the state and inside Michigan, include construction of a second $500 million co-gen power station, and a similar plant at Niles, Michigan. Recent municipal approvals have been given to a major casino project in the South Bend area. Also, in the north, the Gary-Hammond area has a lot of steel mill work.

We forecast that rising employer demand for our members’ skills will continue for at least 2 to 3 years.

Total Journeyman packages range from about $50 an hour in the south to about $80 in the north.  Our members and their families are protected by employer-paid health insurance and traditional union pensions and 401K style retirement plans.

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Indiana Residential/Commercial/Industrial Locals:


South Bend

Fort Wayne




Gary & Hammond

Terre Haute



Indiana Line Local:


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