Hawaii's Local 1186 needs experienced electrical workers.

There are upcoming projects on all islands in affordable housing and timeshares, hotels, high-rise residential condos, military facilities, as well as upgrades to airports, harbors, schools, and sewer treatment facilities.

In Honolulu, many of our members are working on an $8 billion extension for the Honolulu Authority for Rapid Transportation This project has already created additional work with multiple stations and transit-oriented development (TOD) projects. Work on these projects will continue until 2025.

Our members are also working on the $240 million Airport Extension Project in Honolulu and the $77 million Terminal Modernization Project in Kona. They’re already working on the $375 million, multi-phased Kapalama Container Yard, a variety of significant public school, university and military base construction, as well as $1 billion worth of hospitality industry projects.

We anticipate more demand for experienced electricians to work on large residential high-rise projects within urban Honolulu and on neighboring islands. We’re also expecting more renewable energy project work this year, as the state moves toward its goal of 100% renewable energy by 2045.

Our members enjoy employer paid healthcare and retirement plans.

Journeyman electrician wage and benefit packages range from the low $60s an hour to $77+ an hour depending on classification.

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Our combined Residential/Commercial/Industrial AND Line Local in Hawaii is based in Honolulu.

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