Florida’s union contractors are busy especially in Orlando, Daytona, and Tampa; they’ll continue to be busy for some time with mostly commercial and industrial work. Some of those projects are larger in scope, for example, the airport and Walt Disney World expansions, as well as large civil infrastructure and hotel projects.


Florida electrical contractors need service truck people who are willing to take on more responsibility for independent, short-term work. We need journeyman-level workers to fill this need.


Our line construction people are rebuilding infrastructure in the aftermath of hurricanes and tropical storms. Many of our people are in Puerto Rico helping with reconstruction efforts.


Wages in Florida depend on location and type of work. Total journeyman electrician wage and benefit packages range from the mid-$20s per hour to the $35+per hour range. Our wage and benefit packages are typically 10-15% higher than non-union workers. We also have great healthcare and pension plans that enable our members and their families to rest easy.


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Florida Residential/Commercial/Industrial Locals:






Fort Lauderdale

Daytona Beach




Florida Line Local:




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