The entire Washington DC, Northern Virginia and southern Maryland region needs new members who can help our employers cope with the demand of a booming commercial building industry.


We currently have a Facebook data center project that has begun in Richmond, Virginia. This project involves the progressive construction of seven buildings over a period of seven years.


Elsewhere in the region, commercial projects are also growing rapidly. We’re working on high-rises, hospitals, educational institutions, hotels and motels.


Several hundred members of our Newport News local will be hard at work for several years on the construction of a new tunnel under the Chesapeake Bay.


Currently, all of the region’s locals are working at capacity, creating opportunities for new members


There is just as much need for line workers of all levels.


Pay levels vary within the region from wage and benefit packages of the high-$40s to the mid-$60s/hour depending on the local and the contractor.


Members have the protection of employer-paid healthcare and retirement plans.


If you’d like to work in the Washington DC, Northern Virginia, Maryland region, Click here



The Region’s Residential/Commercial/Industrial Locals:




Newport News





The region’s Line Local:




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