In southern Connecticut, our members are busy with a powerhouse project. Through the winter of 2018-19, they’ll also be working on the usual combination of commercial-industrial projects. 


Into 2019, we expect to be busier with school construction and expansion/upgrading jobs, as well as many new medium-size retail, commercial, and industrial projects. Your applications are welcome; we’re bringing in new members as the need arises.


The north and northeast have the most job opportunities in the state. We expect the demand to increase in the spring and summer of 2019, with more than a handful of moderate-sized industrial, commercial, and college expansion projects.


The Hartford area is expected to ramp up in the spring with several significantly-sized projects. The locals are interested in receiving your applications now. Even if we can’t put you to work right away, we keep them on file, so we can reach you when our employers need help.


Line construction workers, especially those with Class “A” Commercial Driver’s Licenses, are in high demand in New England. There are many substation and pole upgrade jobs, as well as plenty of work for tree trimmers, due to storm damage and preventive clearance projects.


Journeyman Electrician total wage and benefit packages are in the mid-$60s/hour.


Members have the protection of employer-paid healthcare plans. Commercial workers and their families have the security of three pension plans, while line workers and their families have the security of a defined contribution pension plan.


Want to work with us in Connecticut?


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Our Connecticut Residential/Commercial/Industrial locals:



New Haven



Our Connecticut Line Local:





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