California’s electrical construction industry is experiencing growth, which will continue for the foreseeable future. Unionized employers have an enormous demand for electrical workers of all classifications.


Many of our employers offer ample opportunity for overtime.


Journeymen electrician wage and benefit package rates range from the mid-$40s to $75 per hour, but sometimes higher, depending on location, classification and experience.


Many employers need apprentices.


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Northern California


The growing economy has increased worker demand, which we expect to continue well into the 2020’s.


In Northern California, there are high-tech campus projects that already employ thousands of our local and traveling members; we will need hundreds more in the coming years. Apple is building a second large complex in Santa Clara, and the Warriors Stadium is being built in San Francisco. Sacramento is seeing growth overall, with more downtown high rises and hospitals than ever before.



Southern California


Employers in Southern California are also quite busy and interested in receiving applications.


In Greater Los Angeles, there is a need for additional electricians. Dozens of jobs go unfilled every week despite the fact that in 2018 the local brought in 1,500 new members. One of the major projects is a new Disney Star Wars attraction that is employing 300 of our members well into 2019. Other projects include heavy commercial builds, a new Rams stadium, refinery expansions and high-rises.


Elsewhere in the south, expansion continues to offer opportunity. In addition to our regular retail, commercial, industrial, high-rise, hospital and petrochemical work, there are planned solar projects that will require as many as 500 electricians apiece for six-month builds.


Our 9,000-member line local is busy with its obligations to Southern Cal Edison.


Workers enjoy employer-paid healthcare and retirement.


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Our Northern California Residential/Commercial/Industrial Locals:


San Francisco






San Jose


Santa Rosa


San Mateo

San Luis Obispo




Our Southern California Residential/Commercial/Industrial Locals:


Los Angeles

Santa Barbara


Santa Ana

San Bernardino

San Diego




Our Northern California Line Local:





Our Southern California Line Local:


Diamond Bar/Riverside


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