In Alabama, there are consistent opportunities and substantial upcoming projects.


In addition to regular retail, commercial, and light industrial work in the Birmingham area, there are several powerhouses and steel mills that require regular maintenance.


The Mobile local gained 100 new members last year to accommodate employer needs. In early 2019, most calls are being filled, however the local is also looking forward to a new powerhouse project set to begin in late 2019, or early 2020.


A large Toyota assembly plant has an agreement with our Sheffield local, and in early 2019 there are plans to begin a major addition to accommodate a joint Toyota-Mazda plant. At its peak, this project will require around 300 electricians. The Sheffield local also provides shutdown needs for the Browns Ferry nuclear plant as part of its work for the Tennessee Valley Authority.


Total journeyman electrician pay rates average in the mid-$30s/hour.


Employers provide a family health care plan. Members are covered by a variety of retirement plans, depending on the local.


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