Below on this page, we've listed our 'Hot Jobs' throughout the US. These are jobs where there is heavy current demand for various classifications of electrical workers. Keep checking this page. We update it frequently.


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Salt Lake City, UT
Looking for many refinery job electricians
Classifications required: commercial/industrial

Local 354 has high demand from employers working on several refinery projects that are underway; 2 two contractors have immediate openings. We're currently looking for 27 journeyman, but our contractors have said with some shut downs coming up, they may need 50 additional journeyman. We're looking for licensed electricians of all experience levels for Refinery projects in the Salt Lake area. Current scale $33.99 per hour for journeyman, health care, pensions and annuity paid by the contractors. Some projects are paying incentive pay, and overtime.

Gulfport, MS
Meet Employers who need you - Job Fair Oct 24!
Classifications required: Commercial

Lima, OH
Husky Refinery Job needs experienced inside wiremen
Classifications required: Inside wiremen with 5+ years of experience

Local 32 is looking for Journeymen Inside Wiremen with 5+ years of experience. Open positions include working a 5-10s or 6-10s schedule. All refinery calls require you to be clean shaven/steel toes/2 forms of ID/voided check and pass a DISA background check. You MUST have a 10 panel Bureau of Workers Compensation (BWC) Compliant drug test that is dated within the last year to take a call in this Local. If you have a program through your Employer and it is BMWC compliant in Ohio within (one) 1 calendar year prior to the date of referral, it may be compatible with our program. Check at our Hall to find out.

Blytheville AR
Several shutdown jobs coming (starting Sept 26) for multiple JM electricians
Classifications required: Commercial/Industrial

The following positions are for employment with Cache Valley Electric and require an Arkansas state electrical license (or temporary license), pre-hire drug test screen, long sleeves and steel toes. All shutdowns are scheduled for 7-12ís and include a $75 a day per diem. Day shift wage rate is $26.92. Night shift has a 15% differential wage rate of $30.96. Annuity and Healthcare contributions are $5 and $7.60 respectively. There are three (3) shutdowns scheduled as follows: 1st shutdown: Nucor Yamato Steel, Orientation on 9/26, shutdown begins on 9/27, Duration of 10-14 days, need 12 for day shift and 3 for nights; 2nd shutdown: Nucor Yamato Steel, Orientation on 10/01, shutdown begins on 10/02, Duration of 5-7 days, need 26 for day shift and 17 for nights; 3rd shutdown: Nucor Hickman, Orientation 10/09, shutdown begins on 10/09, Duration of 7-10 days, need 75 for day shift and 35 for nights. *There is also a long call for one (1) Journeyman Electrician to Cache Valley Electric at Nucor Hickman. This job starts ASAP, is scheduled for 5- 8ís and is expected to last for several months. The same requirements for employment apply. If you are interested or have questions please contact us at (870)932-2114, or you may call the Night Recorder at (870)932-2050. These jobs are dispatched through Local 1516 in Jonesboro AR.

Palatka FL
Mill projects, lots of OT possible, hiring incentives!
Classifications required: commercial, Industrial

LU 1205 Gainesville needs electricians for a Palatka FL papermill project working 5-10ís at $26.17 until early 2020 with other projects working more overtime. Hiring incentives according to experience up to $1000, 11% pension and paid family Health-care. There will be more long term work in the area as this one winds down.

Fort Rock, Hines, OR
Big Solar projects - Good pay, subsistence, signing bonuses for some
Classifications required: JM Commercial Electricians, Material Handlers

Journeyman Electricians and material handlers needed for two large solar projects. The projects are currently working five ten hour days, with additional OT on Saturday likely. The hourly wage for electricians is $35.19 an hour. The starting wage for material handlers is $13.88 - $18.97 an hour. Overtime is paid at 1 1/2 times after 8 hours and double time after ten hours M-F and 1 1/2 times for the first 8 hours and double time after that for Saturday. In addition to the hourly wage, there is full medical, dental and vision insurance provided for you and your family. For the electricians there is a contribution of $6.11 an hour to multiple retirement plans. These jobs are offering $150 a day Per diem (non-taxed) for electricians and material handlers. Must be able to pass a drug test. Safety toed boots required. An Oregon journeyman license or reciprocal license is required for the electricians. **There is a $1000 sign on bonus available for electricians who qualify.** Contact Mark (electricians) at 541-326-9185 or Kathy (Material handlers) at 541-664-0800.

Lots of immediate work in West Michigan - Grand Rapids Local 275

Classifications required: Industrial, commercial

Attention! IBEW LU 275 in West Michigan is experiencing a high volume of work in the area. Immediate employment opportunities are available! Industrial and commercial work.

Virgin Islands
A Year's work in the Virgin Islands!!!
Classifications required: Commercial

A contractor remodelling a large hotel project in the Virgin Islands is hiring experienced electricians immediately. The company will provide a flight to the Island upon hiring and back home when the job is done. During construction, the company will also provide a flight home every 8 weeks for a 4-day weekend. Housing and transportation to and from the jobsite will be provided. The scale is $23 to $33 per hour depending on skill level, plus paid benefits. The job will last about a year with possible overtime. TO APPLY: Complete this website's online application, and select Miami when asked to choose Locals to send your application to.

Savannah GA and other locations
Immediate need: 100 electricians for 30 days!
Classifications required: Commercial and Industrial

Hatch Nuclear Facility has a 30-day outage needing 100 electricians starting immediately. The Local has various other jobs that will require 40-50 people as the work builds, some in the Zirconium Mines and their admin buildings.

Roanoke VA
Long term work w/ good benefits for electricians with 5+ years experience
Classifications required: Industrial, commercial

Electricians needed in the Roanoke Virginia and surrounding area! 5+ years of experience. Industrial and some commercial work. Long term projects. Employers pay good wages, employer-paid family health, dental and vision insurance and pension plans.

Colorado Springs, CO
Immediate opening - traffic signals
Classifications required: Traffic signal techs

LU 113 Colorado Springs has Immediate openings for 4 Level 2 (IMSA certified) traffic signal techs.

Denver, CO
Immediate opening - traffic signals
Classifications required: Traffic Signal techs

Denver Local 111 has an immediate need for 2 Journeyman traffic signal techs preferably living in the Central I-70 area; also 3 Journeyman traffic signal techs with valid CDLís. Both jobs pay $31.41 /hr.

Daytona Beach, FL
Experienced electricians needed Daytona Beach, Space Center, and more
Classifications required: Commercial, and some residential

The Space Center jobs will begin hiring toward mid-to late summer (2019), but there are currently residential and commercial jobs open.

Tampa, FL
Major Hotel project and others - Tampa Bay area
Classifications required: Commercial

Tampa Bay Local 915 needs commercial electricians to work on a large Tampa Bay area hotel project, as well as other area jobs.

Raleigh, Greenville, Fayetteville, NC
Multiple opportunities, some long duration - industrial manufacturing, solar, and commercial
Classifications required: Commercial, Industrial

We currently have an open call with PayneCrest Electric for JWs and CEs for day and night shift, working 7-12's for the next 6-7 weeks (approx until end July, early August) installing a relocated assembly line at a manufacturing plant in Greenville, NC. This project also has a 17.3% night-shift pay differential. We will need several JWs, CEs, and CWs for two large-scale solar farms with Rosendin Electric. Both projects are scheduled to kick off in two two weeks (approx end June), and will take us into 2020. A&S Electric has multiple maintenance projects at a Goodyear tire plant in Fayetteville, NC. Project is scheduled to kickoff last week in June. Call us at 919-596-8220 (dial any extension) Monday thru Friday, 7:30AM-4:30PM.

Seattle, Yakima, Bellingham
30+ Journeyman Linemen Urgently Needed!
Classifications required: Linemen

8 linemen needed for 41 mile transmission line in Yakima (likely 5x10ís) 2 linemen needed for transmission replacement in Bellingham (likely 4x10ís) 20-25 linemen needed for light rail in Seattle (likely 5x10ís)

Waterloo, IA
Various Jobs - Immediate Openings!
Classifications required: Commercial

Immediate Openings for electricians and wind tower work!

Bogalusa, LA
Various Jobs - Immediate Openings!
Classifications required: Commercial

Immediate openings for paper mill, school, and hospital work!

Flint, MI
Auto Plant
Classifications required: Inside classifications

3-week shutdown beginning May 10

Des Moines, IA
Various Jobs
Classifications required: Line Workers.

Immediate openings for Journeyman Linemen and boring rig operators.

Everett, WA
Various Jobs
Classifications required: Commercial

Some O/T, Washington Journeyman license required.

Grand Forks, ND
Various Jobs
Classifications required: Commercial / Industrial

Various jobs from central ND to western Minnesota. OT available

Charleston, SC
Paper Mill
Classifications required: Commercial / Industrial

5-10s with increased OT this summer

Augusta, GA
Vogel Nuclear Plant
Classifications required: Commercial / Industrial

Possible per diem

Moline IL
Nuclear Plant
Classifications required: Industrial

These jobs are managed by the Rock Island IL local. If you select this Hot Job, Rock Island will be pre-selected for you when you click "Apply for Work".

Billings/Bozeman/Eastern MT, MT
Various Jobs
Classifications required: Commercial

Richmond, VA
Classifications required: Commercial / Industrial

Birmingham, AL
Various Jobs
Classifications required: Commercial

Newark, OH
Various Jobs
Classifications required: Commercial

Columbus, OH
Various Utilities
Classifications required: Line Workers

Pueblo, CO
Various Jobs
Classifications required: Line Workers

Albuquerque, NM
Various Jobs
Classifications required: Commercial / Line

San Antonio, TX
Various Jobs
Classifications required: Commercial

Austin, TX
Various Jobs
Classifications required: Commercial

Atlanta, GA
Facebook Data Center
Classifications required: Commercial

Beaver, PA
Power Plant
Classifications required: Commercial / Industrial

Louisville, KY
Various Jobs
Classifications required: Line Workers

Toledo, OH
Various Jobs
Classifications required: Line Workers

Hartford, CT
Various Jobs - Immediate Openings!
Classifications required: Line Workers

Open Calls here. Immediate openings. Check it out right away!

Boston, MA
Various Jobs - Immediate Openings!
Classifications required: Line Workers

Open Calls. Immediate opportunity! Check it out today, and go to work!

Tucson, AZ
Classifications required: Commercial

Topeka, KS
NBAF Project
Classifications required: Commercial

Los Angeles, CA
Classifications required: Industrial

St Louis, MO
Various Jobs
Classifications required: Line Workers

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